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The book mark that
holds your book open.
Fits BETWEEN the Pages of your Book

Music Holder

People also call the Easy Book Clip such names as: book open, hands free holder, page helper, book clamp, page holder or book holder.

Essential Book Holder
Easy Book Clip is light weight and portable.
Works for hardbacks, paperbacks, piano and sheet music, cookbooks,
magazines and more.

Avid readers enjoy its simplicity, hands free reading and ease of use.
Also known as ez clip.
The perfect travel accessory!
Book Holder

Quality and Durability

Made of durable high-quality spring steel wire.

A modern book holder
for all of your books

Easy Book Clip is a powerful book stand.
Don't be fooled by its small size and low price.

High Value
Where else can you find such a great value - a bookholder, bookstand and bookmark?
Take it with you wherever you go, for relaxed reading and comfortable studying.

Little Things - Holiday Gifts
It's true that little things mean a lot! Easy Book Clip makes a delightful stocking stuffer for the readers in your life. Keep a few on hand for last-minute gifts.
Travel Book Holder
Lightweight and small - take this gadget anywhere.

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Easy Book Clip
The Essential Book Holder


Great Product and Value

  • Hi, I just had to write and tell you that this is the BEST bookmark/clip I have ever had. I purchased three of them a couple of years ago, and gave two away to friends as they admired it and had to have one. Since that time, everywhere I go, I usually bring a book and am an avid reader….I could have sold 50 of these clips by now as everywhere I go, people always comment on how handy the book clip is! I do tell them to go on the internet and they will find them, but just had to share with you how much nicer it makes reading! - Robin Blythe, Mission Viejo, CA
  • Recently I gave an Easy Book Clip to a stranger who was struggling with her book on the treadmill, and she was ecstatic about it! She offered to pay for it. I explained to her that they're not even expensive so to just accept it from me. The the only thing wrong with the Easy Book Clip is that they don't ever wear out. I've been using the same one for 2 years! - Allison Sheridan, CA
  • I really like the book clips and book holder that I bought from you. In fact I like them so much, that I just ordered several more to use as gifts for my family. I will spread the word about them. - Sue Severson, Jordan, MN
  • Thanks so much. I had a friend give me one of these and I have misplaced it and haven't been able to find another one like it. I just so happened to google it on the computer and finally found what I was looking for. They are the most wonderful thing I have ever used. - Traci Woodard, Orange, TX
  • Your clip deserves an award! It is one of my favorite possessions. I had a plastic page holder for years that finally broke. I can’t tell you how glad I was to find a replacement, and one that won’t get brittle with time. I usually go throught 3-6 books a month, don’t know what I would do with out it. - SJ Slides, Austin,TX
  • Your book holders are, by far, the best on the market (I shouldn't say this, but it would still be so at twice the price).... Thanx for a great product, and service." - Tony Barnert, Tarzana, CA
  • I love the book clips and sent the extra one to my mom. She is now enjoying the ease of keeping a book open without aching fingers. Thanks for everything! - Elaine Johnson, Oakland, CA
  • The Easy Book Clips are GREAT! I had my doubts when I first ordered them, because I have ordered so many page holders in the past, but these are by far the Best. They hold open large cookbooks and small novels. ..they don't obscure the print, and they actually hold the book WIDE open. Such a simple tool...Thank you from avid book readers and users of books. - Nancy and Charlie Lombardo, Freehold, NJ
  • I love the book clips!! I'm so glad I found you!! - Rita Gohlke, Grapevine, TX

Mini Clips

  • I like both types of book clips! The mini is great for paperbacks and the standard clip works best for bigger books like cookbooks, etc. Both do work for all types of books, but each offers a special workability for certain things. I use them all the time! - Michelle Burke, Merritt Island, FL
  • I got my little mini book clips a couple of days ago and you are right, they do make page turning with one hand while reading a paperback very easy. I love that, because I have one of my book stands sitting where I eat meals, and the book clip helps keep the pages of my books cleaner without my having to worry about turning a page with maybe a bit of food on my fingers, for instance if I were eating a sandwich with one hand. They also don't hide the lines of type as much with the paperbacks. Very nice idea. I really like both sizes, because my books vary from both big and small, soft cover and hardcover and I have yet to find a book that didn't work with the clips. - Jackie, MI

Treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise

  • This is my second order for Easy Book Clips! I couldn't survive at the gym without them and have been giving them to other exercisers frustrated with using potato chip or hair clips with their books. This is a wonderful product and you can quote me on that! - Jennifer Stanley, Richmond, VA
  • I sure wished I had it years ago. Would have made my life much easier. I now actually look forward to the StairMaster. - Richard Mandel, San Francisco, CA
  • I have a feeling that these will spread like wildfire through my gym - everyone is noticing them! Shared my first batch of these with my friends - now more people want them! Great product - easy to use, holds the book open nicely and it's easy to carry. Good work! - Allison Sheridan, CA - More from Allison...stairmaster at her gym
  • I love the book clips. I use them when I'm on the treadmill and it's the only book clip that has worked well for me. - Amy Matz, Beaverton, OR
  • I use (EZ Book Clip) to hold my book open while on my elliptical trainer. It works great! - Anne Marie, Ringwood, NJ

Fantastic and Works Perfectly

  • They are fantastic. Who would have thought that a little wire bent around a shaper jig would work so great. My hands would go to sleep or ache from trying to hold a paperback open. Now I don't have to. They work great on hardbacks also! I could not believe how quickly I received the clips. Thank you for a super experience! - Joyce Lobb, TLyler, TX
  • The experience was wonderful all the way around. The clips are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. - Joe Riley, Peabody, MA
  • I got the E Z Clip the other day, Florence, and it works perfectly with my paperback books. I like to read & knit so this is great! - Phyllis Gruszka, Crown Point, IN
  • I have truly enjoyed my bookholder. It is small, lightweight and easy to use. - Shirley Roark, Sarasota, FL

Medallion Book Clip

  • The clips arrived and the special one you sent (Iris medallion) is so beautiful! I put it into use right away and it is so handy. I really like the colors and the fact that they are so easy to use.
    - Jo Ann Bowdoin-Aynsley, Atlanta GA


  • This is really a super little invention. I have found it especially useful in holding open my paperback cookbooks because regardless of how many pages in the book it does its job just fine. - Carolyn Meehan, Albuquerque, NM
  • I always keep one with my cookbooks. They're wonderful! - Joyce R., Oakland, California

Relieves stress on hands

  • I have made so many friends extra happy by giving them your book
    clips. What a wonderful invention. Further, it used to only be handy,
    but now is nearly a necessity with the arthritis in my hands. I must
    read 3 or 4 books a week, and was awakening with aching hands from
    holding them open. No more! Thanks to you! - Jimmie Carol Ellis, Crescent City, CA

  • ... my mom... is now enjoying the ease of keeping a book open without aching fingers. Thanks for everything! - Elaine Johnson, Oakland, CA
  • My friend has some severe health challenges, and she says it's the first time she's been able to hold a book to read in several years. Keep up the good work! - Gail Ricciuti, Rochester, NY
  • I am now a 'book clip addict', as without one I have wrist pain from holding a book. - Anne A. Cook, Sonoma County, CA
  • I have arthritis of my thumb & the EZClip makes it possible for me to read for much longer periods of time. - Jan Krassner, Leesburg, FL
  • More....MS, etc.

Playing Piano and such

  • My wife asked me to see whether I could find on the Web a gadget to hold open some of her music books on the piano. Your clip works perfectly for her music books and also for books I need to keep open next to my computer. - David Haas, Fayetville, NY
  • Your product works wonderfully! .... I was looking for a product to hold down pages in thick sheet-music books (I play the piano), and your product is the only thing I found that really works well - Riki, Tempe, AZ
  • We got our bookclips and they are perfect! I found you when I went looking on the Internet for something to hold open music books (3 pianists in the family)--the bookclips are great, and the different colors makes it easy to identify whose clip is in whose book...:-> Great product--thank you. - Cynthia Weeks, Farmington Hills, MI


  • I heard about the book clip on a knitting email group - that it worked well for holding up the book while the hands were free for knitting. It works great for me - I can do my reading for school, and the knitting actually helps me concentrate more. I think they're brilliant! - Cheri Stryker, Antioch, CA

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