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The book mark that
holds your book open.
Fits BETWEEN the Pages of your Book

Music Holder

People also call the Easy Book Clip such names as: book open, hands free holder, page helper, book clamp, page holder or book holder.

Essential Book Holder
Easy Book Clip is light weight and portable.
Works for hardbacks, paperbacks, piano and sheet music, cookbooks,
magazines and more.

Avid readers enjoy its simplicity, hands free reading and ease of use.
Also known as ez clip.
The perfect travel accessory!
Book Holder

Quality and Durability

Made of durable high-quality spring steel wire.

A modern book holder
for all of your books

Easy Book Clip is a powerful book stand.
Don't be fooled by its small size and low price.

High Value
Where else can you find such a great value - a bookholder, bookstand and bookmark?
Take it with you wherever you go, for relaxed reading and comfortable studying.

Little Things - Holiday Gifts
It's true that little things mean a lot! Easy Book Clip makes a delightful stocking stuffer for the readers in your life. Keep a few on hand for last-minute gifts.
Travel Book Holder
Lightweight and small - take this gadget anywhere.

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Easy Book Clip
The Essential Book Holder

More Advantages

More Benefits and Uses
  • Made with the serious reader in mind - use at home, on the treadmill, or when traveling - anywhere!
  • Eases wrist and hand pain related to stress injuries (RSI) or arthritis.
  • Corporate promotional gift - personalize the medallion book clip.
  • Computer accessory - keep your book open while you compute!
  • Less expensive than traditional book stands - check out the price.

Other uses

Easy Book Clip is lightweight, small, and easy to carry in a pocket or clipped inside your book as a bookmark - always handy!

Easy Book Clip is also a checkbook holder. Keep your check book open while using a calculator, balancing your bank statement, or entering checks into your computer.

For thin sheet music, and smaller booklets and magazines, place legs behind cover at center of folio or booklet - instead of between pages.

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Easy Book Clip holding cook book open:

Book stands on its own with no other support than the little Easy Book Clip!















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